Astral Projection into a Roll Off Dumpster

Friday about 8:45 AM

I had awakened about 7:00 AM lying on my back with my cat, Charlie, nestled under my left arm. I continued to lie there thinking and resting. I felt the internal motion sensations that usual precede astral separation. I relaxed and flowed with it. I felt like I was swaying left and right, and then up and down. I heard the dump truck emptying the dumpster on the far side of the condominium complex. I knew it would come and empty the dumpster next to my apartment next.<?div>

My astral body separated and quickly drifted upwards. I could see. I was pressed against the ceiling facing upward. All I could see was the ceiling, up close. I noticed it was not the painted ceiling in my current bedroom, but the type of ceiling that was in my childhood home in North Carolina. The ceiling was made of squares of fiberboard covered with small holes. I could feel the ceiling with my fingertips. I pressed them against the ceiling. I thought about going to visit my friend in Pennsylvania, but nothing happened.
Then I heard the dump truck pull into the parking area in front of my apartment, to empty the dumpster rental austin tx. I felt like I needed to go and protect my car, which is parked as close to the dumpster as possible without blocking it. Suddenly I was inside the rent construction dumpsters austin tx¬†and I couldn’t see anymore. I felt the dumpster lift up off the ground. I tumbled over inside the dumpster as it was turned upside down over the dump truck. I bounced around inside the dumpster as it was banged up and down to empty it. Abruptly I was back in bed lying on my back with my cat still nestled under my arm.